Ring Size Guide

How to Choose the Right Size

Simo rings are sized in italian sizes. Please refer to our Ring Size Chart and tips to choose the perfect pieces. Measure the finger circumference in millimeters. If you have a ring that fits well use a string to measure it and measure the string on the sizing chart.
You must ensure that the chosen size slides easily along the whole length of your finger. It is preferable to take the measure of the finger in the afternoon or at the end of the day. Better not to measure the finger when it is too hot or cold. A ring that is usually worn on a finger of your left hand might not properly fit with the same finger of your right hand. Many people have different sizes on the fingers of opposite hands, so be certain to measure the exact finger where you plan to wear the ring.

You can find our Ring Size Chart here.

Decision About the Size

If you hesitate between two sizes, it is better to choose the larger. A finger on the dominant hand is often a half size larger than the same finger on the other hand. If you wear a half size and the ring is not available in half sizes, choose the next size larger. Gold, platinum and sterling silver can all be easily resized, as long as the diamond and gemstone settings are simple.

Ring As a Gift

Buying rings as a gift can prove a bit difficult when it comes to find the right size. When trying to determine the ring size, consider these helpful tips:
Obtain and measure a ring that he or she already owns.
Ask family or friends to find out his or her ring size.

Order the Ring

Now that you know the size of your finger, you can order the ring. You need to return on Simo product sheet and select a size in the box content of the item. Then you can proceed to complete the order.